Build cross-chain dApps across public and private VM-based chains according to your custom rules


Asterizm is a plug and play blockchain interoperability solution for enterprises, web3 protocols and fintech products with privacy and modularity at the core.
Asterizm infrastructure overview
Сheck out our white paper to learn how the Asterizm protocol works

Built with privacy and agility at the core

The core of the Asterizm concept is the privacy of payload transmitted between networks and the modularity of the infrastructure.
All data (payload) remains private and accessible only to the owner of the Client's server, which serves as a transport layer for data and transaction proofs. Asterizm Relayer servers function solely as a transport layer for proofs of cross-chain transactions in the form of a payload hash and a unique transaction ID (xID).
The Asterizm Connector is used for on-chain validation and integrity checks of each cross-chain transaction. It does this by utilizing the payload, hash, and unique transaction ID (xID) received from the Relayers and Client servers.
The Client server module is a Docker image, which is easily and quickly implemented in any system and the Client's security loop.
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Code examples

Learn how to implement Asterizm into your contracts, and check out our deployed Asterizm Connector smart contracts for use on Mainnet and Testnet. Visit our GitHub for more tech guides and examples.