Privacy, security, economic efficiency, scalability

Asterizm was designed as a solution for building cross-chain protocols without compromising on data privacy and reliability of data transmission between EVM and non-EVM public/private networks, respecting the standards for such solutions in the industry:

We believe that the blockchain solutions market will remain fragmented and that governments, corporations, and web3 protocols will operate in multiple ecosystems (networks) simultaneously, using perks and the most beneficial features of each.

The Asterizm concept focuses on privacy and modularity because the lack of privacy in the cross-chain industry greatly reduces the usability of this technology: transmitting financial messages, personal and corporate data, etc. is risky (or even impossible due to the data privacy requirements), especially if we are talking about web2 companies integrating into the web3 market.


Asterizm or any third party does not have any access to the transmitted payload. This is because all data (payload) is exclusively transmitted from Network 1 to Network 2 through the client's server, while the proofs of validity and integrity of this data (hash from payload, xID) are transmitted through relay servers.

This is especially relevant for cross-chain communication between private networks. In such cases, only the sender and receiver have access to the content of the cross-chain transaction, ensuring a high level of privacy. This is especially relevant for enterprises exchanging data with other companies in various private chains.

Learn more about Asterizm and privacy in the White paper

High speed - Low cost

Thanks to our unique on-chain validation-based protocol architecture, we do not need to maintain a complex economic system to achieve consensus. As a result, all cross-chain transactions flow almost instantly and at one of the lowest fees on the market.


The speed and cost of cross-chain transactions do not depend on their quantity and frequency, so you can develop responsive cross-chain applications without incurring unnecessary expenses.


Asterizm's approach to cross-chain transaction protection covers not only validity and integrity but also data confidentiality. Verification is performed off-chain and on-chain by two unrelated entities (Asterizm relayer server and client's server) and Asterizm Connector as an on-chain module. This design ensures that the infrastructure remains resilient against both external and internal attack vectors.

Asterizm Protocol passed the security audit performed by HashEx

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