Source chain notifications

The protocol allows for initiating notifications regarding the status of a transfer sent to the destination network by sending notifications from the relay to the source network. In this case, the following event is emitted on the client's contract:

event TransferSendingResultNotification(bytes32 indexed _transferHash, uint8 _statusCode)

Event parameters:

  • _transferHash - the hash of the transfer that triggered the notification

  • _statusCode - the status code of the transfer in the destination network

At the moment, the following list of statuses is supported:

  • 0 - the transfer was successfully sent to the destination network

  • 1 - the transfer was not sent due to insufficient commission sent to cover the gas in the destination network.

Each client has the ability to enable or disable these notifications at their discretion, depending on the logic built into the client system.


In the event of disabling notifications, the client can save on network fees (the transfer will become slightly cheaper in terms of gas). However, the client's off-chain module will not receive data about the status of the transfer delivery in the destination network. This can impact certain internal logic, such as automatically resending a transfer in case of insufficient fees to cover gas in the destination network.

It's essential to understand this if you plan to disable these notifications.

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